How Art can be like Magick

I just read the gorgeous ebook Art Witch : Practical Tactics for Art Magick from Molly Roberts. I am amazed about how true it felt inside.

I have to say I’ve been fascinated by all things witchy for as long as I can remember. My first novel, which I’m working on right now, starts with messing up with spirits, the workings of a sea witch and the Spirit of a Place. When I was young, I printed out Tarot cards because I wasn’t allowed and able to get my own deck. I came back to Tarot later in my life, and since then it never left me.

Picture by me @saluerlamer. Tarot Deck : Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Tarot.

I’ve always tried to make my spiritual practice in alignment with my art practice. This ebook struck a chord with me : the idea that Magick and Art may be from the same mother.

Art is indeed a form of Magick. Art is taking ideas from the Universe and crafting them into some thing, whether it is a performance, a painting, a story or anything else. Art is born from a necessity to change things in ourselves or in the world.

I experienced this last year while working on a project called Chants d’avant (“The Songs of Yesterday”), where a raconteuse and I went to meet seniors and talk with them about the traditional songs they remembered. It was a real eye-opening project. I saw, during this, the power of song and music to bring up memories, and above all, the power of voice to calm, ease and touch. On one of our group interviews, we sang with someone who had his vocal chords ablated. As he was singing with all the group, we felt his joy. He was suddenly more alive, more present than he was before. His children talked to us afterwards, saying they realized how important it was for them to collect the songs and memories of their father. This is why we do art, I thought to myself.

Art is Magick. Art creates opportunities, moments, debates, reflections. Art is a way to connect our vision to our reality, to make them aligned. Every art project starts from a question, a vision we have to share.


To read the ebook or discover more about Molly Roberts (her guided meditations are also amazing), go check out her BandCamp:


Here I am, world.

We all have to start somewhere.

And for me it’s just here, on this small platform in the vast, vast internet world.

Loving language as I do, it’s surprising I did not think of writing this earlier. Approaching a new language is such an amazing experience. Learning what you can do with other words, other ideas, another mindset… wow!

My name is Nathael. I am a freelance creative writer and one of the things I love the most is to help people figure out their own way to creativity. I was born in Magdalen Islands and still live there, after several years of writing, creating and studying. I am a French native speaker. English is my second language, a language I love but still have to approach with respect and time.

My work is to write, and to help others to write and create.

What makes an artist? It is not talent, but art. And art does not belong to artists, but to all of us. When we open that door, something wild and crazy appear. I believe this is what I am on Earth to do : to help people figure out how they are amazing and important.

Let’s start this thing.

P. S. : As I am still learning syntax and complex structures in English, feel free to comment if you have some insights! 😉